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Periodic Table Cross Stitch

Periodic Table Cross Stitch I’ve just finished my first attempt at cross stitch. I have plans for a more involved cross stitch project but having not used this method before I though it best to embark on a couple of smaller test pieces. This piece is one of two new works that have been embroidered

Aping the Beast by Serena Korda at Arnolfini

image via Aping the Beast by Serena Korda at Arnolfini Bristol I made a trip over to Bristol this week to go and see Aping the Beast by Serena Korda at Arnolfini arts centre. How could I resist a performance desribed as an ambitious, theatrical rendering of animal symbolism and folklore featuring a towering

Facial Recognition by Colleen Toutant Merrill

Facial Recognition by Colleen Toutant Merrill I’ve come across quite a bit of work over recent months that makes use of the process of embroidering onto photographs. The majority of embroidered photographs don’t seem to delve much deeper than an aesthetic level and simply serve to prettify the photographs with colourful threads – often in

Running with Wolves – Stockholm Fringe Festival

Running with Wolves at Stockholm Fringe festival This month I will be heading out to Stockholm, Sweden, to take part in the Stockholm Fringe Festival with the Pack of Wolves. The festival is primarily focused upon the performing arts but welcomes all artists from all over the world. Our project is entitled ‘Running with Wolves’.

Filming on Location

Filming on Location Last week I headed out with lights and a camera to a little church just outside Cardiff city centre to film the final components of a film project that I have been working on based upon Peter Carey’s short story ‘Conversations with Unicorns’. Whilst following a narrative arc the film will be

Laser Cutting Induction

Laser Cutting Induction I had my induction with the laser cutter yesterday. On first glance at the rather large and very expensive laser cutting machine it would appear to be quite a daunting process. However, it’s surprisingly straight forward. The machine can cut designs from vector images created in Adobe Illustrator. Fortunately this is a