Stitching Skin

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Nina Falk - Stitching Skin

Stitching Skin

I had the pleasure of meeting Nina Falk recently following an exhibition with Kalopsia Collective in Edinburgh. We had a good discussion over a cup of tea about many things from unicorns to Christmas films as well as alternative supports for embroidery which led to my discovery that Nina had previously used her own body as a ground for embroidery.

Nina Falk has studied ‘Tailoring and Fashion’ in Stockholm, a BA Hons in ‘Textiles’ at NUA and a MA in ‘Contemporary art Theory’ at ECA. Her work breaks the boundraries between fashion, textiles and art – moving away from the labels that we often are given.

I’ve long talked with friends about the idea of stitching into skin to produce something akin to a temporary tattoo but it seems Nina has beaten me to it. These discussions inevitability arise from those moments when I’ve managed to accidentally slip a needle under the skin at the end of my finger. These moments never hurt, in fact I rarely notice that it has happened until I find that the needle is stuck. However, I found watching Nina embroidering her own body in the video below a much more uncomfortable experience. That said, it is by far one of the most interesting stitched works of art that I have come across for a long while.

You can view more of Nina’s art work and activities with Kalopsia on her webiste –

Nina Falk - Stitching Skin | Kalopsia Collective