Save the Arctic Poster

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#savethearctic Poster Design Competition Entry

Greenpeace are hosting a poster contest as a part of their Save the Arctic campaign.

You can help save the Arctic. Draw, paint, or design a poster of your own creative vision of the Arctic. Your poster will stand alongside others from around the world, showing this movement’s hopes, wishes and desires for the protection of the Arctic.

The Save the Arctic campaign has arisen as a result of the Arctic sea ice retreating. The sea ice melt has prompted industrial fishing fleets to move further north than ever before to exploit the untouched waters in this region. This threatens amazing Arctic creatures, from blue whales to polar bears, from corals to tiny creatures like the mystical sea butterfly.

I re-appropriated images from one of my ice embroideries in order to design a poster for the Save the Arctic campaign and I’ve made a copy of my Save The Arctic poster available as a PDF to print off at home. Click here to download the PDF of this poster.

In addition to this I took images of the time-lapse document of my ice embroidery in order to create a shareable animated GIF (below)

by Spike Dennis

You can find out more about the Save the Arctic poster contest, and view all of the submissions from around the world that have been submitted so far on the poster contest website here.

To find out more about Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic Campaign visit or follow them on Twitter @savethearctic.