Rachel Maclean’s Videos

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Rachel Maclean's Videos

Rachel Maclean’s Videos

I think Rachel Maclean’s videos are my new favourite thing! At first glance they appear to be sugar coated kitsch videos featuring cats and unicorns but they’re a hell of a lot creepier than that.

Many of the videos clips that I’ve watched explore aspects of contemporary popular culture including TV, film, music and internet memes. Over the Rainbow (2013), for example,
invites the viewer into a shape-shifting world inhabited by cuddly monsters, faceless clones and gruesome pop divas“.

I’m interested in process the artist has used given my own recent foray into video works. LOLCATS (below) was shot entirely against green screen and I’m assuming that much of the backdrops and scenery were animated in with After effects. My own first attempt at green screen filming was an altogether simpler affair.

The costumes and make-up that the artist has put together for her videos are also hugely impressive. I find that they sit somewhere between Japanese Kawaii kitsch and the more terrifying costumes from the Mighty Boosh. Interestingly the artist is the only actor or model in any of her videos.

There’s a clip from LOLCATS below but you can view more clips of Rachel Maclean’s work on her website: www.rachelmaclean.com

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