Punch & Judy: Half a Pound of Sausages

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Punch & Judy | Spike Dennis & Layla Holzer

Punch & Judy: Half a Pound of Sausages

‘Come, all ye admirers of Punch,
Come and gaze on our Policinelle,
Did ever a soul wear a hunch
Or scream with his voice half so well?

And his joints are so supple they seem
As if they were hung upon wires;
And his leaps, and his walks, and his screams,
Are what every Parisian admires’

РCharles Kemble’s Address. Reprinted in The Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction, 19 November 1825.

This is a little teaser ahead of the Pack of Wolves Punch & Judy performance at Milkwood Gallery on Saturday 2 March 2013.

The show will be performed in the tradition of the classic Punch & Judy performances of old. The various episodes of the show will provoke shocked laughter and will be dominated by the anarchic clowning of Mr. Punch.

Milkwood Gallery will be open from 6.00pm on Saturday the 2 March 2013 with the Punch & Judy show and a Jabberwocky shadow puppet show being performed at approximately 7.00pm.

The ‘Once Upon Again’ exhibition continues until the 9 March 2013.