Processing Unicorns

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Processing Unicorns

With the recent launch of my Unicorn Dating project I have been creating web based content in addition to my embroideries. This is the content which viewers will be able to engage with via the QR codes stitched into the physical work.

So far this content has included videos, animated embroideries and more interactive content such as the opportunity to sign up with your own profile at This idea of providing more interactive rather than passive content appeals to me and so I’ve been poking about in the world of Processing.

Processing is a programming language and development environment that promotes software literacy within the visual arts and visual literacy within technology so it should be the ideal platform from which to start exploring interactive aspects of my work.

I’m pretty competent with a number of digital languages such as HTML and PHP and I’ve dabbled with programming Arduino’s too which meant that the Processing environment was not at all daunting; there are definitely similarities between some of these languages.

I’m still at a very basic level with Processing having only been exploring the platform for a few hours but I thought I’d share this first (very rough) sketch. The code above was used to generate this drawing over at

It’s a very crude sketch of a unicorn – but we’ve all got to start somewhere! The unicorn will follow your cursor (or finger on a portable device) around the screen. The plan is that this content will be optimised for portable devices but at the moment the sketch is working better on larger screens.