Memory Cloud by Minimaforms

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Memory Clouds by Minimaforms Interactive Light Art Installation

Memory Cloud by Minimaforms

I’ve been exploring more digital means of producing art work of late and my enquiries led to the discovery of Memory Cloud by Minimaforms aka Theodore & Stephen Spyropoulos. Through their Minimaforms platform they have created a number of wonderful interactive artworks such as Memory Cloud which is described as “animating the built environment through conversation“.

Memory Clouds was presented at Trafalgar Square, London, in conjunction with the ICA in 2008. The work was based on smoke signals – one of the oldest forms of visual communication – and for three nights the public was invited to participate by sending text messages that were grafted onto plumes of smoke with light.

It was the use of mobile phones as a point of interaction in this work that particularly grabbed my attention having been using QR codes in my own recent works.

Whilst I’m not encouraging quite such collective participation within my own work – in so much as participants will have their own personal experience on their own device – mobile technology is now so massively prevalent in our culture that it does make it an easy point of access.

My programming skills are way off being able to create something as complex as Memory Clouds but having recently delved into the world of Processing I’m excited by the possibilities that these digital technologies can provide.