Medium Format Photography with a Yashica Mat 124G

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Medium Format Yashica 124G

Following my recent adventures in photography I have been keen to explore the realms of analogue medium format photography. Equipment can be expensive some I have been on the lookout for some second hand bargains and I recently treated myself to a Yashica Mat 124G camera. It’s a twin lens reflex camera with a ground glass viewfinder that is operated at waist level.

The camera came pre-loaded with a black and white roll of film so I used that as an opportunity to test out the camera and get a little more familiar with it.

Medium Format Photograph with a Yashica

These are six of the images from that first roll that I shot – Just some snapshots really! It didn’t take me too long to get to grips with the functions of the camera though focusing through the glass plate at waist level took me a couple of attempts to get right!

I’m particularly drawn to the quality of photos produced using analogue film cameras and I’m very pleased with how these first few images turned out. The tones produced by this camera/film combination are particularly pleasing.

I’ve purchased a 400 ISO colour film to test further over the next few weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing how the images from that film turn out next.

CSAD shot with a Yashica Mat 124G Medium Format Photography with a Yashica Yashica TLR Photography CSAD Shot with a Yashica TLR