Kayla Mattes’ Internet Inspired Textile Art

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Kayla Matte - Woven AIM Chats Textile Art

Kayla Mattes’ Internet Inspired Textile Art

I stumbled across Kayla Mattes’ textile art on the @BrwnPaperBag blog. She’s an interesting artist who makes use of contemporary sources of inspiration in the production of her work and it’s her use of material sourced via the internet that piqued my interest given my own use of content sourced online in recent work.

These images are woven panels that memorialise AIM chats; I believe that they are Jaquard woven. The design features smiley faces and text speak that seems to have been much more prevalent prior to the rise of predictive text in applications. The design is reminiscent of that aesthetic that we might associate with the world wide web from around the turn of the millennium.

Kayla Matte - Woven AIM Chats

The parallels between pixels and stitches do provide a fascinating playground for visual exploration and Kayla has used digital sources of inspiration for a number of works including ASCII Catz and glitch inspired design for a series of small tapestries in her Pixel Fuzz series.