Kathryn Shinko’s Dirty Sampler Series

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Kathryn Shinko - Dirty Sampler Series: iv tastd u (Contemporary Hand Embroidery)

Kathryn Shinko . The words are taken from text messages that she received from an acquaintance called Mike.

Like I’ve been doing with my Unicorn Dating series Kathryn has adopted the format of traditional hand embroidered samplers but having replaced the proverb or religious text with the words from the text messages she received. She has framed the messages with bold and intricate hand embroidered borders which are sexually suggestive:

Framing each message is an embroidered border that starts out as faintly sexual, and then becomes more aggressive, strange, and perverted as the text messages continue. By the third sampler, the situation has obviously gotten out of control. Mike is proposing some very explicit sexual acts, and my anxiety and unsettled feelings about them is shown in the vicious, sinister shapes of the border.

Kathryn Shinko - Dirty Sampler Series: iv tastd u contemporary hand embroidery Kathryn Shinko - Dirty Sampler Series: r u picturin

In a similar vein to some of my own work Kathryn is exploring the way men and women conduct themselves in a society in which is becoming increasingly connected through new and developing technologies which are constantly changing and challenging our moral boundaries.

She also highlights the dichotomy between the hours taken to complete these embroidered panels in comparison to seconds in which the original text message was written and delivered. The speed of life seems to be ever increasing and so a time intensive method of making like embroidery makes for a poignant medium through which to reflect.

Check out more of Kathryn Shinko’s work on her website: www.kathrynshinko.com