Jillian Tamaki’s Monster Quilt

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Jillian Tamaki’s Monster Quilt

Embroidered quilt by Jillian Tamaki'
Jillian Tamaki is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Brooklyn, New York. I recently came across this hand embroidered quilt that she created a few years ago. Apparently it was the first embroidery project that she created having taken up the craft – not a bad effort at all!

I like the spread of creatures crawling all over this quilt. The fluidity of the design is great as well as the way that illustrative imagery is incorporated into a media not so commonly associated with illustration. It’s definitely one of the most interesting contemporary quilts I’ve come across

Hand Embroidered quilt by Jillian Tamaki

I’m working on a hand embroidered quilt of my own at the moment, albeit something very different to this monster quilt, so it was nice to stumble across this piece. Many of the quilts that I’ve come across employ embroidery as a secondary technique to the patchwork and quilting that’s at the fore. It nice to see the embroidery in this work is given centre stage.

Check out more of Jillian Tamaki’s work on her website and blog here: www.jilliantamaki.com