Fibremen 3 – Ukraine Exhibition

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Fibremen 3 - Scythia, Ukraine

Fibremen 3 – Kherson, Ukraine

I’m delighted to have had my Baba Yaga embroidery selected for Fibremen 3; an international fibre art exhibition of contemporary and innovative fibre works submitted by men. The exhibition, organised by Ludmila Egorova of Scythia, will take place in Kherson, Ukraine this October/November.

The Fibremen exhibition is designed to broaden the awareness of male fibre art and consider their works within a broader context of art history. The chosen art works created by artists from 10 countries. Unique individuals, they all have much in common – skills, talent, vitality, intelligence. They are often entering competitions together with women textile artists and show their art works publicly. They have worked hard and let their creativity flow outside their studious. They create breathtaking, inspiring works that touch everybody. Their art works is a result of vigour commitment and determination. Main objective of this exhibition is to promote works of male textile professional artists. – Ludmila Egorova

Quite fittingly, given that this exhibition is to be hosted in Ukraine, my Baba Yaga embroidery is based on an old folk tale from Eastern Europe. Baba Yaga was a witch who is described as a ferocious looking woman who flies around in a mortar, wields a pestle and dwells deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs and surrounded by a fence constructed from human bones.

In the tales a young girl, Vasilisa, is sent to Baba Yaga by her wicked step-mother on what seems like an innocent quest to retrieve a needle and thread. The step-mother however hopes that Vasilisa will upset Baba Yaga and be eaten by the witch.

Exhibition Dates: 23 October – 5 November 2013
Location: Kherson, Ukraine

For more infromation about Fibremen and Scythia Textiles visit their website: