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Kalopsia Collective - What Is Textiles? exhibition edinburgh
Fibremen 3 - Scythia, Ukraine
Once Upon Again | Winns Gallery
Once Upon Again Fairy Tale exhibition 2013
A Collaboration between Alex McErlain and Alice Kettle
Chris Glynn - Drawing in Between Seminar & Exhibition
Once Upon Again Exhibition Poster by the Pack of Wolves at Milkwood Gallery
Project Cardiff Exhibition at Milkwood Gallery
Stitch Fetish Exhibition \ Embroidery by Spike Dennis
Marc Thomas photographed for Project Cardiff
Hemmed In Embroidery Exhibition at MK Gallery
Circle of Life (Black) | Spike Dennis 2012
We Are Bedford Mail Art Exhibition
Unicorn Embroidery on Black | Spike Dennis 2012
Charmed Illustration Exhibition | The Print Market Project 2012
Andy Kelly photographed by Lann Niziblian for Project Cardiff 2012
Manifesto Exhibition | www.packofwolves.org
Manifesto - Ink on Paper by Spike Dennis
Six by Four Exhibition | Motorcade Flashparade 2012
Unicorn embroidery on Black | Spike Dennis 2012
Bodies at Cultivate Gallery, London 2012
To The Woods, To The Woods...
PaperGirl Cardiff 2012 | Image by Sophie Barras


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