Embroidery Artist Roanna Wells

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Rosanna Wells - Interpersonal Spacial Arrangements Rosanna Wells - Interpersonal Spacial ArrangementsRosanna Wells - Interpersonal Spacial ArrangementsRosanna Wells - Interpersonal Spacial Arrangements

Embroidery Artist Rosanna Wells

These embroidered drawing by Rosanna Wells are wonderfully delicate. These images are taken from a series entitled ‘Interpersonal Spacial Arrangements‘.

Each image has been created from an aerial view of a significant gathering/event. The main image above for example was created in response to an election protest, in Bolotnaya Square, Moscow 2011. Each stitch is representative of an individual persons present at this event. All the environmental surroundings, such as buildings, trees etc, are stripped out from the image.

The resulting images emphasise the voids remaining where buildings, railings or other such structures would appear and provide an interesting look at the way in which people organise themselves in a crowd. Presented in this way the works appear as an fascinating observation of humans tendency towards swarm behaviour

Roasanna has been selected for the Jerwood Makers Open 2013 and will be exhibiting at the Jerwood Space in London from the 10 July – 25 August.

You can view more of Rosanna’s exquisite stitched art work on her website: www.roannawells.co.uk