Cut-Click: Issue 1

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Those lovely folk at Cut-Click very kindly invited me to contribute a little something to the first ever printed edition of their fabulous art and design zine and this week I finally got my hands on a copy of the finished article. I might be a bit biased but it really is a rather gorgeous little thing. I’m not giving you any sneaky little pictures of the insides, you’ll have to go buy yourself a copy from the Cut-Click store right here – but be quick as the are strictly limited edition.

In case you’re wondering, the delicious cover design you can see here was created by the fantabulous Tigz Rice:

Other artists included in Cut-Click Issue 1 are:
Simon Philipson, Robin Boyden, Adam Whitham, Gareth Hopkins, Tigz Rice, Carl Harris, Jo Cheung, David Shillinglaw, Marie-Louise Plum, Sarah Ferrari, Danny Coyne, Pino Lamanna, Simon Wild, Warren Craghead, Jonathan Chapman and Lesley Barnes.

Of course if you’re poor and penniless, or perhaps, just a bit of a tigt fisted bugger, you can check out all the digital issues of Cut-Click on their Issuu pages for absolutely nowt. Enjoy!