Creatures made from old VHS tapes wander through frozen landscapes

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Philip Ob-Rey VHS project

Philip Ob Rey’s V-HS Project

Philip Ob Rey is a French artist based in Reykjavik, Iceland. His ‘V’HS Project recycled old VHS tape and transformed them into these haunting creatures which are pictured wandering through Iceland’s frozen landscape.

In addition to discarded VHS tapes the sculptures are also made up of other locally sourced found objects like feathers, stones, shells, and dry seaweed.

This photographic project was partly inspired as protest against plastic pollution and mass media – the figures serve as warnings against environmental destruction:

I built in 5 essential elements, creatures made of VHS, dreamlike and disfigured in reaction against the growing dictatorship of the mass media and the unstoppable plastic pollution due to the overconsumption of the new technologies.

Philip Ob Rey - VHS project Philip Ob Rey - VHS project

Ob Rey summons from the dawn of the ancient world the primeval race of the mating giants, and reminds us that we do not live; we sit against a sky grey and sad and our eyes merely turn to ashes the last remains of the beautiful lands in which our ancestors dwelled. Thus is staged V, vision of a rebirth, of the impure Being according to the ancient Scriptures, creating in the manner of a nihilist prophet a magnified vision of primitive symbols, of holistic elements and exhausted naturalism of the end of a world, and the beginning of another existence.

Source: Humatropy

Philip Ob Rey - VHS project Philip Ob Rey - VHS project

I’m currently exploring the possibility of creating a new costume for myself along similar lines to the costume I previously created for my Wild Man videos.

With this in mind it’s fascinating to see how Ob Rey has made use of modern, discarded materials in order to create something with a primal energy akin to that associated with the wild man.