Collaboration Part 2: Fur Lining

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Collaborating with Layla Holzer | 2012

Collaborating with Layla Holzer | 2012Collaborating with Layla Holzer | 2012Collaborating with Layla Holzer | 2012

As previously mentioned on this blog I’ve recently started working on some collaborative sculptures with the wonderful illustrator Layla Holzer. The work is being prepared for a an exhibition of fairy tale inspired works that are to be exhibited at St Donat’s Art Centre next month.

We’ve chosen to work with three stories by the Brothers Grimm which are Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and the lesser known Jorinda and Joringel. We’re working on puppet like sculptures that will encapsulate elements of the fairy tales and the themes that these stories explore. The fur lined vessel pictured above is a piece we’ve been working on for Little Red Riding Hood’s puppet.