Call for Artworks – Peculiar Pleasures

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Submissions are invited for Peculiar Pleasures, an exhibition of contemporary illustration scheduled to take place at the Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff, Wales, during the first two weeks of November 2010.  Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ book of Imaginary Beings artists are invited to submit work that depicts those creatures that have been conceived through time and space by the human imagination.

A monster is no more than a combination of parts of real beings, and the possibilities of permutation border on the infinite… and in this way it seems we could evolve an endless variety of monsters – combinations of fishes, birds, and reptiles, limited only by our own boredom or disgust.
– Borges & Martinez, The Book of Imaginary Beings, 1957

Work will be considered whether, like Borges, you have delved into classic literature in search of the mythical creatures of old, or have discovered inspiration within more contemporary works. Do not feel bound to literature however, as contemporary artists and illustrators you are free to examine all facets of our culture and explore the physical world in as much depth as those ethereal spaces that stand on the margins of our consciousness between the known and the unknown. Abandon logic and reason, find a way in which to illustrate the redolence of our existence and the ineffable mysteries of nature; rouse our senses and ignite our imaginations.

Work which challenges our perceptions and expectations of Illustration will be encouraged and as such work in all media, whether two dimensional, three dimensional or time based, will be considered regardless of how sumptuous, or indeed, how grotesque it might be.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 21 September 2010

Artists will be notified as to whether their submission is successful by Friday 1 October 2010.

Submissions should be emailed to exhibitions[a] no later than Tuesday 21 September 2010 and contain:

  • Up to 3 images of your work (which should be saved as .jpg or .pdf files and be no larger than 1mb).
  • A statement which identifies and contextualises your work (minimum 50 words).
  • Specifications of your work (media, dimesions, etc.)
  • A concise artist CV.

*Please note that there is no submission fee but those artists who are selected will be expected to pay a £10.00 administrative charge to assist with the operational costs of the gallery.

Terms & Conditions:

Acceptance of artwork and selection for the exhibition is at the organisers’ discretion.
It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure that work selected for the exhibition is delivered t the gallery no later than 31 October 2010.
All work selected for the exhibition should be framed or otherwise appropriately presented.
Selected artists are advised to seek their own insurance for their work during the exhibition period.
The gallery will deduct a 30% commission from all sales resulting from the exhibition. Artists will be asked to advise whether work will be for sale upon selection.
The exhibition organisers reserve the right to use submitted images for inclusion in the exhibition and its publicity in promoting the event. Artists will be notified of, and credited appropriately in, such instances.
Any personal data collected as a result of your submission will be used solely for the purpose of communicating with you in matters directly relating to this exhibition opportunity.
The organisers reserve the right to amend this Call for Artworks at their discretion.