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Erin Riley’s Tapestries

I love these tapestries by Erin Riley. Erin addresses contemporary cultural issues using traditional weaving techniques. These works are all created on a Macomber floor loom and she goes so far as to hand day all her own yarns. These works address the self-exploitation associated with the internet age. Erin says: “Most of the time […]

Mothers of Africa Sponsored Quilt Project

Handmade fabric square by Maggie Cullinane An Open Call to all Crafters My friend and colleague Maggie Cullinane has initiated a sponsored quilt project in order to Raise money for the medical educational charity Mothers of Africa. There is an open call to all crafters, makers, quilters, stitchers and artists, or anyone else who fancies […]

Textile Art by Castle

I stumbled across these works by Australian artist/designer Rachel Castle last week whilst looking for inspiration. She describes these works as embroideries although they appear to be appliquéd with combinations of brightly coloured felts on flax or linen. Either way I like the aesthetic punch they have. I was on the lookout for inspiration for […]