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Embroidering Photographs of the Dead

Embroidering Photographs of the Dead There are a number of artists working with embroidery and appropriated imagery at the moment. Many of these artists make use of old (‘vintage’) photographs. Following on from some new work I’ve been creating it’s interesting to note how these images are received. They are frequently regarded as aesthetically pleasing,

VectorDrift Glitch Art Melting Unicorn VectorDrift Glitch Melting Unicorn This is a little sketch I created as I continue my glitch art experiments. The still image of the unicorn glove puppet was distorted using a Processing sketch called VectorDrift written by textile/glitch artist Philip Stearns which is available to download via GitHub. The Processing sketch allows you to distort

“NSFW” Solo Exhibition

I am happy to be able to announce that The Sho gallery will be hosting my solo exhibition entitled NSFW; an exhibition of new work featuring interactive hand embroidered objects and short films featuring my glove puppets. The exhibition is open from the 24 March until the 4 April 2015.

The Lost Lectures – Jake Chapman Jake & Dinos Chapman are two of the most controversial figures in the art world – with Dinos suffering with an explosive bout of ‘diarrhea’ his better half, Jake, did us proud (ish) by sharing a few thought on life, love and art by answering audience questions from a hat. The result, about as

Museum of British Folklore Folklore is a vibrant element of ‘Britishness’ and a living cultural heritage; these beliefs, customs and expressions link the past to the present and help us understand our specific communities and cultures, as well as our shared humanity. Far from being static or an ageing genre, it remains relevant by adapting to new circumstances,

Programming Continuous Rotation Servos with Arduino Programming Continuous Rotation Servos with Arduino Having completed the stitched elements of my latest piece of work I’ve now moved on to constructing the mechanics that will support this embroidered pieces. This has involved learning how to programme continuous rotation servos with Arduino. I’ve dabbled with Arduino in the past for fun so have