Open Call Fibremen 3

Scythia: Fibremen 3 Fibre Art Exhibition

Open Call Fibremen 3

Fibremen International Fibre Art Exhibition (juried) is restricted to submissions from men only. Artists from all over the world, who work in different techniques of textile are invited to submit their work for consideration.

Fibremen is organised by Ludmila Egorova, founder of the international symposium and exhibition “Scythia”.

The exhibition will open on the 23 October 2013. Artists can submit up to 2 art works for consideration.

The submission deadline for Fibremen 3 is the 1 August 2013.

To request further information and an application back contact:

Ludmila Egorova
P.O.Box 79
73028 Kherson, Ukraine.
Tel. +38 067 5538281, +30 097 2874681
E-mail: scythiatextile[at]

Mimilove Forever’s Embroideries

Mimilove Forever's Embroideries by Karen Grenfell

Mimilove Forever’s Embroideries

I came across Mimilove Forever’s embroideries quite by accident this week. It was on a blog post that I stumbled across all about Cokney sayings.

Having looked up the source for the image I discovered Mimilove Forever aka Karen Grenfell. Karen is a mixed media artist who works with paint and stitch. I do love the way she manages to combine the media. It’s by far some of the most exciting and interesting mixed media embroidery I’ve come across.

Quite coincidentally as well Karen is currently exhibiting with me at MK Gallery as apart of the Hemmed In embroidery exhibition. The exhibition features work by a selection of artists from around the world and has been organised by Jamie Chalmers aka Mr X Stitch.

You can view more of Mimilove Forever’s work here on her Flickr page.

Woodcut Work in Progress

Woodcut Work in Progress

Woodcut Work in Progress

This is another little snapshot of the piece I’m currently working on for the Pack of Wolves’ next exhibition which will take place at Milkwood Gallery in spring 2013.

It’s my first time cutting wood to make a block print but I’m enjoying the process so far. It’s bee a steep learning curve but the work is progressing steadily now.

The Woodcut Art of Incredipede

The Woodcut Art of Incredipede

This project is rather impressive. Incredipede is a side-scrolling computer game that has been constructed using a series of intricate woodcut illustrated panels.

The illustrations for this game is the work of artist and photographer Thomas Shahan. As Thomas explains in the video the prints are cut from woodblocks before being digitally coloured.

Having been dabbling with some wood cutting techniques lately I’m very impressed with the way in which this game has been constructed. There’s clearly a hell of a lot of work has gone into the design of this game. Being new to this my own panels are a long way from this standard. I’m also not intending to make prints from my woodblock but embroideries instead.

The Art of Incredipede by Thomas Shahan

You can play a sample of Incredipede on their website:

View more of Thomas Shahan’s work on his website:

Work in Progress: Woodcut Transfer

Work in Progress: Woodcut Transfer | Spike Dennis 2012

Having sketched out my drawings for the Baba Yaga embroidery I’ve now transferred an outline of the sketch to a sheet of wood ready to cut out. I had to flip the image first however as a print from a woodblock needs to be carved out in reverse in order to create a positive print.

I’ve sealed the drawing onto the surface of the wood with clear varnish. It’s quite a large piece and I don’t want the lay out to smudge off as I work across it.

This will possibly the most time I have ever spent preparing an image for an embroidery. Fingers crossed the end result will be worth the lengthy process.

Pen and Ink Baba Yaga Sketch

Pen & Ink Baba Yaga Drawing on Paper | Spike Dennis 2012

I’m currently working on a design for a new embroidery for the Pack of Wolves’ next exhibition – Once Upon Again – at Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff next spring.

The ‘brief’ for the exhibition has presented me with a new challenge in working with narrative based sources materials from old fairy tales – this one is from an old Russian tale about Baba Yaga. I’ve taken my inspiration for the layout of this piece of work from the old hand embroidered samplers that were produced by people wishing to practices their stitching in years gone by.

Drawing with Thread: Emil Lukas

Emil Lukas creates – what he calls – paintings with thread: criss-crossed thread is stretched over wooden boxes. The accumulated coloured lines of thread create glowing fields which shimmer and shift as the light around the work changes. The mass of interweaving threads in these works are reminiscent of looms and weaving, stringed musical instruments, and spiders’ webs.

I do admire the way in which these images work at different levels. They give the viewer an experience of a field of colour and light from afar whilst ensnaring viewers in a web of coloured thread on closer inspection.

You can view more of Emil’s work at: