Processing Unicorns

Processing Unicorns

With the recent launch of my Unicorn Dating project I have been creating web based content in addition to my embroideries. This is the content which viewers will be able to engage with via the QR codes stitched into the physical work.

So far this content has included videos, animated embroideries and more interactive content such as the opportunity to sign up with your own profile at This idea of providing more interactive rather than passive content appeals to me and so I’ve been poking about in the world of Processing.

Processing is a programming language and development environment that promotes software literacy within the visual arts and visual literacy within technology so it should be the ideal platform from which to start exploring interactive aspects of my work.

I’m pretty competent with a number of digital languages such as HTML and PHP and I’ve dabbled with programming Arduino’s too which meant that the Processing environment was not at all daunting; there are definitely similarities between some of these languages.

I’m still at a very basic level with Processing having only been exploring the platform for a few hours but I thought I’d share this first (very rough) sketch. The code above was used to generate this drawing over at

It’s a very crude sketch of a unicorn – but we’ve all got to start somewhere! The unicorn will follow your cursor (or finger on a portable device) around the screen. The plan is that this content will be optimised for portable devices but at the moment the sketch is working better on larger screens.

21st Century Embroidered Sampler Competition

Embroidered Welsh Samplers - SampleriCymreig | St Fagans Museum Wales

21st Century Embroidered Sampler Competition

The Royal School for Needlework are running the 21st Century Embroidered Sampler Competition to coincide with their current exhibition of samplers which runs until July 2014.

The challenge is to design a 21st century sampler which will become part of the RSN Archive Collection for future generations to enjoy. There are no limits as to what elements the sampler may or may not contain but the maximum size for the design is 45cm square.

The winner will get the opportunity to make up their sampler design for the RSN (with some help if required) so that it becomes part of the RSN’s Collection for years to come.

The closing date for entries is Friday 20 June 2014. You can download the full brief, terms and conditions, and an entry form via the Royal School of Needlework website here.

The current exhibition of samplers should provide a great source of inspiration if you’re tempted to enter this competition. The show features work from 1731- 2013, from band samplers to ABCs with Bible verses, patterns and motifs, map samplers, darning samplers, long sewing and stitch lesson samplers from school days to doll-size costumes to illustrate stitching, making-up and patching.

Visist for more information.

The image above is of a sampler held in the collections at St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life.

Cross Stitched Wooden Heart

Cross Stitched Wooden Heart Valentines Gift Handmade

Cross Stitched Wooden Heart

This is a little Valentines day gift that I created from some laser cut wooden hearts. I embellished the heart with a cross stitched wolf design in purple thread.

Kalopsia What Is Textiles? Exhibition Launch

Kalopsia What Is Textiles? Exhibition Launch

Kalopsia opened their new gallery space at Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh, last Saturday evening with the launch of the second iteration of their What Is Textiles? exhibition.

The exhibition features my Baba Yaga embroidery but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it all the way up to Edinburgh for the launch event. From the video above it looks like the evening was a great success which drew a great number of visitors to the gallery.

The exhibition runs until the 15 February. Find out more on the Kalopsia website -

Stitch Fetish 2 Teaser

Stitch Fetish 2 Teaser

This is a short, and slightly bonkers trailer for Stitch Fetish 2: Electric Boogaloo opening at the Hive Gallery next week. The video features teasers of some of the work on show and an introduction by curator Ellen Schinderman and her butler Wilkinson.

The exhibition will feature work from my Unicorn Dating series – you can read a little more about it here.

Nicoletta de la Brown’s Embroidered Plastic Bags

Nicoletta De La Brown's embroidered plastic bags

Nicoletta de la Brown’s Embroidered Plastic Bags

These embroidered plastic bags are from Nicoletta de la Brown’s El Bar­rio Bodega series of which she says:

Rescued from the gutter; blowing down the street like city tumbleweed. I reclaim and elevate what once was discarded by creating embellished art objects.

The combination of the time consuming heavily worked embroidery and the throw away nature of plastic carrier bags makes for a fascinating piece of work. Through skill and the dedication of time the everyday throw-away is promoted above its commonly held station and presented to us as an art object.

You can view more of work on Nicoletta’s Behance page here.

Nicoletta De La Brown's embroidered plastic bags

Stitch Fetish 2 Exhibition, Los Angeles

Stitch Fetish 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Stitch Fetish 2: Electric Boogaloo Exhibition, Los Angeles

I’m delighted to be exhibiting in Los Angeles again this year as a part of Stitch Fetish 2: Electric Boogaloo at the Hive Gallery, curated by Ellen Schinderman.

Stitch Fetish 2, at The Hive Gallery, will continue to explore the art of the stitch (a rite and fetish unto itself), revealing the fetishized secrets lurking in the minds of the artists. Works of erotica and titillation! Works of dark fantasy and longing. Works of secrets never told, but long desired.

The exhibition will feature work from my Unicorn Dating series of embroideries which are the culmination so far of my unicorn research, and the result of a personals advert placed on Craigslist.

Exhibition Dates: 8 February – 1 March 2014
Location: The Hive Gallery, 729 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014, United States

Exhibiting artists include:
Bren Ahearn | Mark Bieraugel | Katharine Lawrie | Amy Goldsmith Sheridan | Meghan Willis | Tara Fields | Carol Powell | Ashford Harrison | Mo Powers | Judith Pudden | Robert Marbury | Pita Garcia | Matthew Monthei, | Erin M Riley | Shae Merrit | Kevin Muth aka Dirty Pillowz | David & Vesna Miller | Ken Amarit | Hine Mizushima | Luke Haynes | Billy Kheel | Oh Sew Nerdy | Rebeka Trigg | Spike Dennis | Maxine Shaw | Maggie Hunt | Iviva Olenick | Reavis Eitel | Leah Emery | Ellen Schinderman