Free Old English Alphabet Cross Stitch Pattern

Free Old English Alphabet Cross Stitch Pattern

Free Old English Alphabet Cross Stitch Pattern

I’ve been looking out for an old alphabet cross stitch pattern for a couple of weeks now for some new work but I hadn’t come across anything that suited my needs. Instead I took it upon myself to produce a cross stitch chart from an old English hand embroidered sampler from 1760.

Free Old English Alphabet Cross Stitch Pattern

I’ve compiled the alphabets that I’ve translated into cross stitch patterns into a single pdf document that you can download to use for yourself. The pack contains three alphabets – lower-case, upper-case, and small caps. The small sample chart above shows the large upper-case letters.

Click here to download this pdf cross-stitch chart.

Feel free to use these alphabets for your own projects. If you do use these alphabets do drop me a line – I’d love to see what you’re using tem for, and if you happen to be uploading some examples of the work you’ve produced using these charts do link back to this post so others can find it.

Happy stitching!

Fibremen 3 Exhibition Photographs

Fibremen 3 Exhibition, Kherson, Ukraine Scythia

Fibremen 3 Exhibition Photographs

These are few photographs provided by Scythia of the Fibremen 3 exhibition taking place in Kherson, Ukraine, which feature my Baba Yaga embroidery.

The exhibition feature a wide selectionof textiles and fibre art from around the world all created by male practitioners. The selected art works were created by artists from 10 countries; Australia, Austria, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and the USA.

You can view more image of the exhibition and art work on the Scythia website:

Fibremen 3 Exhibition, Kherson, Ukraine, ScythiaFibremen 3 Exhibition, Kherson, Ukraine, ScythiaFibremen 3 textiles Exhibition, Kherson, Ukraine

Fibremen 3 Exhibition, Kherson, UkraineFibremen 3 Exhibition, Kherson, UkraineFibremen 3 Exhibition, Kherson, Ukraine

Trailer: St Hilary Nativity

I created this little text reveal trailer in After Effects. Father Spike is performing in the village nativity next month so it was a good exclude to learn some animation/video production new tricks through the creation of this short promo video.

30 Shades of Autumn

30 Shades of Autumn DMC Threads

What Is Textiles? Exhibition Photographs

Kalopsia - What Is Textiles? Exhibition

What Is Textiles? Edinburgh Exhibition Photographs

The What is Textiles? exhibition was organised by Kalopsia Collective and hosted at Gallery 17 in Edinburgh. The show featured a number of embroideries from my Synchronous Hermaphrodites series alongside a broad range of textiles from around the world.

BY all accounts the exhibition was great success and there was some fantastic feedback with many visitors contributing their own thoughts with regard to ‘What Is Textiles?’. You can view some of these responses along with more photographs of the exhibition and artists work on the Kalopsia website here.

What Is Textiles? Exhibition EdinburghKatie Rose White - What Is Textiles? Exhibition EdinburghSpike Dennis - What Is Textiles?

What Is Textiles? - Gallery 17 Edinburgh

What Is Textiles?Keren Shiker - What Is Textiles?Kay Steven - What Is Textiles?

After Effects Experiments

I’ve been getting to grips with After Effects recently. This title sequence is the result of my initial experiments. It’s a bit flashy but was a good excuse to get my head around some aspects of animating in After Effects such as working with 3D environments.

What Is Textiles? 2013 – Edinburgh Exhibition

Kalopsia Collective - What Is Textiles? exhibition edinburgh

What Is Textiles? – Edinburgh Exhibition

I will be exhibiting a number of my embroidered works next week as a part of Kalopsia’s one year anniversary exhibition at Gallery Seventeen, Edinburgh – What Is Textiles?

An exhibition that sees Textiles as a distinct artistic practice, that opens up the debate on “What is Textiles?”

Private View: Friday 18th of October 6pm-8:30pm
Open: 18th-23rd of October 10.00am-5.00pm
Location: Gallery 17, 17 Dundas Street, Edinburgh

Kalopsia Collective presents an exhibition that explores the nature of textiles – an exhibition that shows a range of work from weave, print, illustration, knit, graphic, video installation, sculpture, metal, embroidery, performance art, fashion to ceramics.

Showcasing innovative and exciting textile creations by a range of creators from around the world. What is textiles to you? Is it the touch, the pattern, the movement, the sound, the smell, the process, the making, the feeling, the thinking, the colour, the history or the space? Come and join in the debate and explore the idea and pushes the boundaries of what Textiles can be.

The exhibition will feature work by by Yvette Estelle Jeffrey, Hollie Ward, Eldi Dundee, Katie Rose White, Sarah Pouros, Keren Shiker, Joanne Randall, Leyla Rodriguz, Nina Falk, Kay Steven, Samantha Wadham, Samantha Coe, Magdalini Eftoxpoulou, Tim Kloed, Eileen Thomas, Spike Dennis, Vanessa Larsen, Camilla Wordie, Adam Robertson, Rachel Lobban.