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SEIZE: Overtime Exhibition, Leeds

Sieze: Overtime Exhibition – Art and the Office, Leeds 26 – 29 March 2014 Wellington Park House 25 Wellington Street (entrance via Thirsk Row) Leeds LS1 4WG OVERTIME is an exciting new art exhibition that explores the difference between office spaces and the artist’s studio. SEIZE Leeds ahs invited 26 artists, including myself, to respond […]

David Catá’s Hand Embroidery

David Catá’s Hand Embroidery David Catá is a Spanish artist who works with embroidery and uses his own body as a canvas. He has created a series of portraits of people who have had an impact on his life by stitching their faces onto the palm of his hand. These temporary embroideries have been documented […]

Green Screen Filming of Unicorns

Green Screen Filming of Unicorns I’m currently making a new video for my Unicorn Dating project which will be accessible through the QR codes embroidered into my work. This video will be a call to arms to save our beloved unicorn from extinction so if you encounter these works being exhibited scan the code and […]

Memory Cloud by Minimaforms

Memory Cloud by Minimaforms I’ve been exploring more digital means of producing art work of late and my enquiries led to the discovery of Memory Cloud by Minimaforms aka Theodore & Stephen Spyropoulos. Through their Minimaforms platform they have created a number of wonderful interactive artworks such as Memory Cloud which is described as “animating […]

Processing Unicorns

Processing Unicorns With the recent launch of my Unicorn Dating project I have been creating web based content in addition to my embroideries. This is the content which viewers will be able to engage with via the QR codes stitched into the physical work. So far this content has included videos, animated embroideries and more […]

21st Century Embroidered Sampler Competition

21st Century Embroidered Sampler Competition The Royal School for Needlework are running the 21st Century Embroidered Sampler Competition to coincide with their current exhibition of samplers which runs until July 2014. The challenge is to design a 21st century sampler which will become part of the RSN Archive Collection for future generations to enjoy. There […]