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Baba Yaga (Teaser Trailer)

. This is the first snippet I’ve posted online from my short film inspired by the Slavic folk tale of Baba Yaga. It’s a bit of a tease as it doesn’t give anything much away at all but hopefully gives a small indication as to the tone of the film. I’ve more or less

Embroidered Zoetropes by Elliot Schultz Embroidered Zoetropes by Elliot Schultz I’ve noticed these animated embroideries poping up on a lot of art and design blogs recently. They’re a clever approach to the creation of Zoetrope animation. Zoetropes are a filmless animation technique that relies on a rotating sequence of images or objects which when lit with a strobe light

Unicorn Glove Puppet Experiment

Unicorn Glove Puppet Experiment This short video clip is the result of some experiments I’ve been undertaking as I’ve been learning some new video editing techniques. I’m currently working on a new video project for which I have had to hone my editing skills in order to create the short film in the way that

Baba Yaga’s House

Baba Yaga’s House I’ve created this model of Baba Yaga’s house for a new film project that I’m working on. The house is constraucted from a range of materials including crow wings obtained from a taxidermist as well as wood and plaster. According to the traditional Slavic folk tale Baba Yaga, the old woman’s house

Metamorphosis: Fantasy Visions Metamorphosis – Fantasy Visions in Starewitch, ┼ávankmajer and the Quay Brothers This video documents an exhibition entitled ‘Metamorphosis’ which featured the works of master stop motion artists Ladislas Starevich, Jan Svankmajer and the Quay Brothers. …matter comes to life and is transformed in the hands and imaginations of the creators. They, more than anybody,

Building Baba Yaga’s House

Building Baba Yaga’s House I’m currently working towards a new project featuring my Baba Yaga glove puppets. As a part of the preparation for this I’ve set about making some props to accompany the puppets. By far the most intensive prop making project has been the construction of a house for Baba Yaga. These little