@TaylorSwift13 – An Embroidered Taylor Swift Tweet

Taylor Swift 1989 Tweets Hand Embroidered

@TaylorSwift13 – An Embroidered Taylor Swift Tweet

This is a hand embroidered copy of a tweet posted by Taylor Swift in October 2014.

I hand embroidered Taylor’s tweet using cotton thread on a cotton ground.

It looks like Taylor’s original tweet has received a couple more retweets since I embroidered it!

I’ve been thinking about ideas relating to permanence within my work lately. The notion of making a tweet physical, tangible seemed quite interesting and so this is something of a little sketch to help me understand how to process some of these ideas.

Taylor Swift 1989 Tweets as Art & Contemporary Embroidery

Glow-in-the-Dark Cross Stitched Skull

Glow in the Dark Cross Stitch Skull

This is a little cross stitched piece I created for my little sister’s recent birthday. She’d asked me for a cross stitched skull after having seen a previous piece I’d been working on. I decided to add a little ‘shazam’ to this piece for her though by making it glow-in-the-dark.

The Crimea Cup ’14

The Crimea Cup 2014 |Embroidered Subbuteo Cloth by Spike Dennis
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The Crimea Cup ’14 – Hand Embroidered Subbuteo Cloth

This embroidered Subbuteo cloth is a little aside I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks. It has been hand embroidered with cotton thread with a design that takes inspiration from football tactics boards.

The markers that have been sewn into the cloth take their colours and layout from the Russian (white, blue & red) and Ukrainian (yellow & blue) flags. The choice of countries represented was inspired by current activities taking place in that part of the world following the annexing of the Crimea by Russia.

The Subbuteo cloth is an old Chad Valley item and so is a little worn. The pictures show the cloth laid out on a table as is the norm with a Subbuteo football cloth although I feel that the cloth probably needs stretching and mounting.

The Crimea Cup '14 - Embroidered Subbuteo Cloth by Spike Dennis

The Crimea Cup '14 - Hand Embroidered Subbuteo ClothThe Crimea Cup '14 - Embroidered Subbuteo ClothThe Crimea Cup '14 - Embroidered Subbuteo Cloth

Electroluminescent Tron Inspired Hooded Sweater

Electroluminescent Tron Hoody Light Up Hoodie sweater hooded glow goldfrapp

Electroluminescent Tron Inspired Hooded Sweater

This is a little something a whipped up recently. I finished a zip up hoodie with some electroluminescent wire enabling it to light up with a Tron-blue light.

The hoodie has three settings which include pulsating (fast/slow) and static modes making it a a perfect piece clothing for ravey nights out clubbing or for a long winter night.

They’ll be available in my online shop soon but for now This little video shows it off really nicely…


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Hand Embroidered Photo Album Cover

Hand Embroidered Photo Album Book Cover

Hand Embroidered Photo Album Cover

This is a gift I made for Mother Spike for her birthday this year. I hand embroidered the text onto linen which I then used to wrap the photo album to create a unique book.

The words were embroidered using split stitch for the large graduated text and back stitch for ‘photographs’ beneath that.

Cross Stitched Wooden Heart

Cross Stitched Wooden Heart Valentines Gift Handmade

Cross Stitched Wooden Heart

This is a little Valentines day gift that I created from some laser cut wooden hearts. I embellished the heart with a cross stitched wolf design in purple thread.

New Work – Unicorn Dating

Unicorn Dating | Subversive Cross Stitch by Spike Dennis

New Work – Unicorn Dating

I’ve just published the first in a new series of embroidered artworks to my online portfolio at www.spikedennis.com.

The works, entitled Unicorn Dating, take the form of a series of hand embroidered subversive cross stitch samplers. The inspiration for the work originated through by research into the symbolic unicorn, and in particular the medieval tale which tells of how a unicorn can only be captured by a young virgin.

The design of these works draws inspiration from old European samplers as you might be able to tell from the image above. A number of the works have QR codes embroidered into them which provide links to content at www.unicorn-dating.com.

To view the works click here; but please bear in mind that there is a lot of graphic content and strong language contained within these works – you have been warned!