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An Embroidered Taylor Swift Tweet

@TaylorSwift13 – An Embroidered Taylor Swift Tweet This is a hand embroidered copy of a tweet posted by Taylor Swift in October 2014. I hand embroidered Taylor’s tweet using cotton thread on a cotton ground. It looks like Taylor’s original tweet has received a couple more retweets since I embroidered it! I wish I could

The Crimea Cup ’14

Click images to view larger The Crimea Cup ’14 – Hand Embroidered Subbuteo Cloth This embroidered Subbuteo cloth is a little aside I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks. It has been hand embroidered with cotton thread with a design that takes inspiration from football tactics boards. The markers that have been

Electroluminescent Tron Inspired Hooded Sweater

Electroluminescent Tron Inspired Hooded Sweater This is a little something a whipped up recently. I finished a zip up hoodie with some electroluminescent wire enabling it to light up with a Tron-blue light. The hoodie has three settings which include pulsating (fast/slow) and static modes making it a a perfect piece clothing for ravey nights

New Work – Unicorn Dating

New Work – Unicorn Dating I’ve just published the first in a new series of embroidered artworks to my online portfolio at The works, entitled Unicorn Dating, take the form of a series of hand embroidered subversive cross stitch samplers. The inspiration for the work originated through by research into the symbolic unicorn, and