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Treading Clouds
A hand embroidered replica of aylor Swifts Tweets
Glow in the Dark Cross Stitch Skull
The Crimea Cup '14 - Embroidered Subbuteo Cloth by Spike Dennis
Electroluminescent Tron Hoody modelled by Layla Holzer
Hand Embroidered Photo Album Book Cover
Cross Stitched Wooden Heart Valentines Gift Handmade
Unicorn Dating | Subversive Cross Stitch by Spike Dennis
The Brightest Star | Spike Dennis 2013
Metabeats - Caviar Crackle stitched by Spike Dennis
Hand Embroidered Glove Puppet | Spike Dennis 2012
Lady Violet | Spike Dennis 2012
Forever Young Eternal Love | Spike Dennis 2012
Rainbow Unicorn Embroidery | Spike Dennis 2012
Robot Chicken Omlet Attack | Spike Dennis 2012
Lycan Embroidery | Spike Dennis 2012
Circle of Life | Spike Dennis 2012
Pinhole Photograph: Southerndown (c2000) | Spike Dennis
Invictus: Hobby-Horse /Unicorn
Mail Art | Spike Dennis 2012
Unicorn Hoodie


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