Artwork for Marionette by Rychard

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Marionette -Rychard (Selador Records)

Album Artwork for Marionette by Rychard

Dave Seaman recently got in touch with regards to using an one of my images for the album artwork for a new release on Selador Recordings called ‘Marionette’ by Rychard. The image in question is a work in progress shot of the Policeman from the Punch & Judy show that I produced an performed with Layla Holzer earlier this year. You can watch a recording of that performance here.

Arrangements were made and you’ll now find the grizzly looking puppet gracing the album artwork when it’s released. I’m not sure of the release date for ‘Marionette’ just yet but you can check out an edit of the Beaumont Stanford Remix of ‘Marionette’ below. You’ll find other snippets and teasers of the single package on the Selador Soundcloud pages. Other releases can be found on Beatport for download in full.

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