Architecture in Helsinki – ‘Like it or Not’

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Architecture in Helsinki - Like it or Not by Maricor Maricar

Architecture in Helsinki – ‘Like it or Not’

‘Like it or Not’ is a single by Australian indie band Architecture in Helsinki. I actually own one of their early albums so I’m surprised to have only just come across this video for ‘Like it or Not’.

The video has been produced by fellow Australians Maricor Maricar who are well known for their graphic style of embroidery. They combine illustrative and typographic elements with embroidery to great effect.

I’ve only ever tinkered with animating embroideries on a very small scale to create GIFs and the like. Whilst the elements in this video are relatively simple in appearance there is clearly a lot of work that has gone in to it.

Go check out more of their fntstic work at