Allanngorpoq by Sébastien Tixier

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Greenland photo set by Sébastien Tixier
French photographer Sébastien Tixier undertook an journey to Greenland in 2013 in order to photograph changes in the Greenlandic community. Tixier spent a year preparing for his expedition including learning the language of the Greenlandic Inuit people.

I have been fascinated by Greenland since I was a little boy, and as I started documenting and reading I’ve found that the current mutations of its culture were something that I wanted to document. It was not just the landscape or icebergs, it really was documenting the changes and questioning what that meant.

The title of the project, ‘Allanngorpoq’, is itself Inuit and translates as ‘being transformed’.

The images on this page are taken from Tixier’s ‘Allanngorpoq’ project. You can view more photos on Tixier’s website:

Arctic Photography by a French Photographer Greenland Photographs by French Photographer Photographs of Greenland by Sebastien Tixier