30 Shades of Flesh

30 Shades of Flesh DMC Threads

30 Shades of Flesh

So having recently finished my Synchronous Hermaphrodites embroideries which I’ve been working on for the last six months I’ve spent finally gotten around to making a start on a new project.

Up until now I have predominantly worked with a split stitch in my embroideries. However this new project will be cross stitch based. It’s a classic stitch that has been used to produce embroidered samplers for centuries. I’ve been having a little practice with cross stitches over the last couple of weeks which resulted in this embroidered periodic table.

This new work should be a challenge as I’ll be working with a much wider variety of colours than I have done in my embroidered work to date. I’m making a start today with 30 shades of flesh coloured threads as pictured above.