29 Embroidery Stitches

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This is a very handy little booklet of embroidery stitches that used to belong to my Grandma’s next door neighbour once upon a time (c.1935) in northern English town far away. Having recently embarked on my first few embroideries this, along with the other booklet I uploaded last month, has provided an excellent tutorial.

The stitches featured are:
Running & Laced Running Stitches, Tent Stitch, Cross Stitch, Herring Bone Stitch, Chain Stitch, Daisy Stitch, Chequer Chain Stitch, Double Back Stitch, Pekinese Stitch, Stem Stitch, Hemstitch, Blanket Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Roumainian Stitch, Fly Stitch, Couching, Needleweaving, Chevron Stitch, Straight Stitch, Holbein Stitch, French Knots, Coral Stitch, Satin Stitch, Twisted Chain Stitch, Rosette Chain Stitch, Flat Stitch, Bullion Stitch and Feather Stitch.

Click here to download this booklet as a .pdf